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World changed for worse by Econet’s lack of care

ECONET have been taking out much self-praising advertising space of late: how they “exude inspiration” and how wonderful their new “customer-friendly” 123 top-up is.

if”>Not once have they been “inspired” to make any sort of communication for customers like myself whose hand-sets are not compliant with the new systems.

It took me a week to finally discover what the problem was.

To speak to a customer-care consultant takes some inspired diligence, as it is a long, long haul, all the while being bombarded with that dreadful jingle which is almost as bad as Sendekera Mwana Wevhu.

These people have several times promised me that the “technicians are working on it” and it will be sorted out. All I’ve been getting are promises and lies.

In order for me to recharge my phone now, I either have to go through the tedious, fiddly process of putting my SIM card into someone else’s phone or use an ATM. This is like playing a one-armed-bandit as it may or may not work.

I can’t even check what my balance is anymore. How’s that for “inspired” convenience?

The impression I have is that Econet thinks that if they ignore us (presumably a small problematic minority) for long enough we’ll be “inspired” to just go away. Or that in frustration, we’ll be “inspired” to just buy another hand-set.

Econet have effectively made my phone redundant.

Econet has “changed my world” so unexpectedly, and for the worse.



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