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Without political change forget recovery

COME on Dr Gideon Gono – admit it! You will never succeed without political change.

In one simple statement, S Moyo, K Flaxman and friends in their advertisement

in the Zimbabwe Independent of September 10, correctly summed up the Zimbabwean reality regarding the economy.

What a pity that so many economic analysts and presumed experts do not “cut to the chase” and also state this fundamental truth.

Week after week, your columnist Eric Bloch expounds at length on the disastrous state of our economy, albeit frequently interspersed with sycophantic praise-singing for Gono as if he was some kind of financial superman.

When will the Blochs of this world accept this simple, basic and fundamental truth that nothing will improve the economy of Zimbabwe so much as regime change, and that there will be no economic improvement until there is regime change?

A logical extension of this simple truth is that attempting to work with this regime to effect improvements – whether incremental or fundamental – merely prolongs our collective suffering.

Perhaps Bloch is not suffering. I can think of no other reason why he consistently opposes the kind of political actions which are the only route out of our present disastrous economic, social and political situation.

How many more Zimbabweans must die of starvation, be tortured and brutalised, be forced into exile, be forced into destitution, be rendered homeless, jobless, helpless and hopeless before Bloch and others are prepared to say “enough is enough”?

I do not know S Moyo or S Flax-man, but in terms of their advertisement I should like to be counted as one of their friends.

RES Cook,


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