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Let Mugabe fall on his sword

THE country and the Mugabe dictatorship have multiple crises – shortages of food (especially basic foods as consumed by the poor who are now 90% of the population), forex, fuel, blood, and most recently of bank notes.

Agricultural production is severely curtailed, as are industrial and mining production. The basic building blocks of the economy are damaged to the extent that it will take years even under the best scenario to get back to the level of relative affluence which existed in 1996.

And the way Mugabe is solving these problems? Beating, tear-gassing, intimidating, and ordering a shoot-to-kill policy using live bullets. So what is foremost in his mind is not solving the problems which face his nation and his people – it is perpetuating his own rule.

Any great leader worth his salt would look objectively at the situation, without panic, discuss with a wide range of friends and enemies, and conclude that the best path for the nation would be for him to fall on his sword (figuratively or even literally).

It is a little-known fact that the West helped to install Mugabe in 1980. Should the events of this week not result in Mugabe’s immediate abdication, then it is imperative for the West to surgically remove him. He who creates a disaster must rescue the victims.

Alex Weir,


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