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Regime change first, recovery later

YOUR columnist Eric Bloch waxes hot under the collar and appears, dare I say it, miffed and a touch petulant at being “challenged” by what he evidently considers a lesser mortal than himself “Regime change needed for recovery”, (Zimbabwe

Independent, October l5).

RES Cook and a lot of other people, including myself, thought the same about the problem area that hits us all in the eye – the necessity for regime change before the first substantive steps can be taken to getting this country back on its feet.

And by emphasis, I mean not glossing over the fact that “governmental change is a prerequisite of economic recovery”.

Reading Bloch’s article, one thing stands out: “I have no political axe to grind, my interest being centred upon the interaction of politics with the economy and upon the economy on politics.”

PNR Silversides,


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