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Signs of fear are evident

ALLOW me to draw attention to developments over the last few days. The Zanu PF government has demonstrated how vulnerable it feels in a land where the people do not support it. They have to rule

by force, using all the brutality at their disposal in the form of a very partisan police force and army. Any new government will have to take a close look at what they inherit in those circles and weed out any dissenters.

They have demonstrated how weak they are by bringing out all the police and army and even bussing in mercenaries from the rural areas to terrorise the population because of their fear that perhaps there are some police and army personnel who can’t be trusted. It was reported that Nathan Shamuyarira said they had done that because the police wouldn’t cope.

What confidence! A tremendous slight on the police’s capability.

All that hardware that was on display was there for two reasons: to intimidate the people into not heeding the call to a democratic peace march and to crush anyone who dared to obey a call by the opposition, which gets stronger by the day.

I have heard the opinion expressed that the government, in demonstrating how vulnerable it feels, will now maintain the police and army in a state of high alert and have the military hardware always in sight. It is obvious that fear is the motivating force in Zanu PF.

Fear Drives Dictators,


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