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Mugabe scared stiff of Khruschev’s fate

PRESIDENT Mugabe is scared of the fate which befell Nikita Khruschev of the former Soviet Union.

In order for Khruschev

to resign “gracefully”, power vultures within the Communist Party simply removed the people surrounding him. This worked perfectly well and in 1964 he became the first and only Soviet leader to resign, leaving the Soviet Union intact unlike Mikhail Gorbarchev who perished together with the Soviet Union.

President Mugabe is obviously being informed accordingly by his intelligence personnel. Jonathan Moyo is however still insisting that the Tsholotsho gathering was nothing more than a simple prize-giving gathering.

Patrick Chinamasa and others have already acknowledged the Tsholotsho plot and apologised whilst Emmerson Mnangagwa has blamed Moyo whom he and the suspended provincial chairpersons have hinted could be forging ahead with “an unknown” agenda.

Moreover, Moyo used tax-payers’ funds to hire a plane to the “illegal” meeting and could go the Chris Kuruneri way if the victorious party chefs from the Joyce Mujuru camp think that the computers he dished out had “imperialist links”.

It has been accepted that indeed money changed hands at the Tsholotsho gathering.

You might ask why the provincial chairmen were suspended?

Unknown to most people, the real power (I mean the legal power according to the constitution of Zanu PF) lies in the four-member presidium and the central committee.

The politburo is only a secretariat of the central committee which comprises delegates from all provinces. The supreme influence lies in the whims of the provincial chairmen. They are often asked for their views at every meeting of the central committee (remember sometime in the early 90s, Kumbirai Kangai resigned from the politburo to become Manicaland provincial chairperson when he appeared a favourite successor to President Mugabe).

However, if there was no intimidation and threats within Zanu PF, anyone could successfully challenge any decision of the politburo when it acts without authority from the central committee.

With the central committee being the only gathering with the power to legally fire a person, President Mugabe acted swiftly to suspend the six chairpersons (as this was already a majority out of the 10 chairpersons) meaning that Mnangagwa, Moyo, Chinamasa, Jabulani Sibanda and their Tsholotsho friends had done their homework well.

With the presidium now comprising his chosen lieutenants and the rebel majority chairpersons suspended, Mugabe can now have a peaceful sleep.

Those claiming ignorance of the Moyo-Mnangagwa agenda of the meeting might be telling the truth.

People loyal to President Mugabe (the Joseph Chinotimbas, Josaya Hungwes etc) flocked to Tsholotsho with the hope of inviting Moyo to their respective constituencies with some computers to donate to gain support. Some really attended the “prize-giving” ceremony with honest hearts but are now paying the prize. Kwaheri/Icho.

Denford Moyo,


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