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China passes death sentence for tattoo abuse

SHANGHAI- A Chinese man has been sentenced to death for scratching insults across the bodies of three women with a needle dipped in ink, the Shanghai Daily reported on Friday.

But the court gave 44-year old Zhou Jingzhi, from northeastern Jilin, a two-year reprieve, meaning

his sentence could be commuted to life imprisonment for good behaviour after two years in jail, the report said.

In April 2004, Zhou met a woman identified as Li who after they had lived together for a year and a half wanted to leave him.

“Zhou illegally detained her at his residence for three months, and dipped a sewing needle in ink and carved across her body more than 100 Chinese character, describing her as a prostitute,” the report said.

After Li’s family rescued her, Zhou’s ex-wife and another ex-girlfriend came forward to say that he had abused them the same way.

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