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Latest satellite TV technology comes to Zim

ONE of the biggest technological developments in satellite television in recent years has come to Zimbabwe, and is poised to revolutionise the way viewers enjoy their digital satellite television (DStv) experience.

P>As a first for Africa, the personal video recorder (PRV) has been launched in Zimbabwe and other countries across the continent, offering a wide range of additional services to DStv viewers and creating a hi-tech means of enhancing television viewing. Also known as a digital dual-view video recorder or digital personal video recorder, the new device replaces exiting single-view and dual-view decoders and facilitates recording of television programmes to a hard disk in digital format.

Said Multi-Choice Zimbabwe marketing manager, Kirsty Brien: “The PVR has been internationally successful and has just been released to wide acclaim in South Africa. Its release in Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa is likely to be equally well-received by DStv viewers and will greatly enhance their enjoyment of the DStv experience.”

As with the dual view decoders, viewers will be able to watch two channels simultaneously in two environments, but with PVR they will at the same time be able to record from either of the two channels being watched or from a third channel. The PVR also records up to 80 hours of programming to its hard drive and enables viewers to pause live television and return to where they left off when they restart. Instant replays will be possible, a superb feature for sports programmes in particular while for recorded content features include fast forward pause rewind and slow motion.

Using the electronic programme guide, viewers can set recording dates and times in advance, which, for example, makes it possible to record a series of programmes in sequence over a period of time. Bookmarks can be activated, so that in a recorded programme viewers can later return to the same spot at which viewing stopped or they an revisit a favoured part or sequence. Old format VCRs are made redundant by the radial new smart technology and user-friendliness of the PVR, which can record programmes to the exact second of start and finish.

The PVR helps the television equipment ‘to think’, enabling viewers to gain enormous benefits from having access to more than 50 TV channels on the DStv bouquet,” said Brien.

“The PVR will be sold in Zimbabwe by DAE Communications and through the MultiChoice accredited installers network, with the essential back-up of after-sales service from qualified and authorised technicians.”

Brien added that the new PVR will be above $60 million.

The PVRs are based on the latest international technology and have been developed by Multichoice Africa and its technical partner UEC of South Africa.

The PVR unit comes with a unique new multi-functional remote control device that can also be used to control television sets and home theatre or music systems. – Own Correspondent.

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