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Accountants to discuss corporate fraud

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THE Institute of Charter-ed Accountants of Zimbabwe (Icaz) is next week holding its third workshop on corporate fraud.


The event will be held on Monday until Wednesday in Harare.

“The demand for places on these workshops would seem to reflect the widespread concern there is in the business sector about fraud and the need for strategies to prevent it,” the Icaz’s education director Dorothy Mahaso-Tambara said.

She said the main facilitator at the workshop, South African Institute of Corporate Fraud Management President Bart Henderson, was an internationally recognised expert on the subject. He lectures in South Africa, New York and Singapore on the management of corporate fraud.

Next week’s workshop is for frontline managers. It deals comprehensively with various aspects of corporate fraud and how to detect it.

Mahaso-Tambara said the Icaz was perturbed by the current level of fraud and by its sophistication.

The professional level at which frauds were being perpetrated was also cause for concern. The Icaz had therefore decided to hold the fraud workshops in a bid to help curb it.

“We decided to hold these workshops so that frontline managers can learn what to look for and how to detect signs of fraud or potential fraud, so they can take steps to prevent it before it grows out of hand,” she said.

Icaz president Matthews Kunaka said as a professional body his organisation was concerned about the incidence of corporate fraud.

“We would like to em-power people and organi-sations through these workshops, so that managers can go back and detect fraud before it blows up and affects stakeholders,” Kunaka said.

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