I have a dream

By Macdonald Chimbizi

Inspired by Martin Luther King, I, Macdonald Chimbizi, have a dream. I have a dream that one day the people of Zimbabwe will rise and live life to the fullest, making of themselves all

that they can and bettering our world. I dream that not every unemployed young man and woman will be “Green Bombers” but kill the world softly with their brainpower.

I have a dream that Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai, Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Chinamasa and other politicians in Zimbabwe will sit at the same table and set strong examples for us and remain solid together forever.

I have a dream that one day in 2004 Robert Mugabe will finally see the need to resign in the interest of the country and his personal health, never to be heard of again.

I dream that Information minister Jonathan Moyo will see the need to open the airwaves to independent players to ensure the free flow of information in Zimbabwe. That our hungry masses will finally get a chance of feeding on a different diet from Hondo yeMinda, Rambai Makashinga and Sendekera.

I dream that Zimbabwe’s favourite tabloid, the Daily News, will return to the streets and continue to tell it like it is.

I hope our politicians will learn to campaign and not use maize to buy votes and, for a change, tell us how they are going to fix the economy.

I dream that Joseph Made will admit on national television that he misled the nation into believing that Zimbabwe had silos bursting with wheat and maize and that though he has failed as Minister of Agriculture, he has a brilliant career ahead in a comedy starring alongside Gringo in “Zimbabwe, the Destruction Part 3.”

I dream that Zimbabweans in the diaspora like Strive Masiyiwa, Basildon Peta, Thomas Mapfumo, Geoffrey Nyarota, Elias Pfebve and millions scattered around the globe will finally return to a land of peace and help bring Zimbabwe to its feet in a post-Mugabe era.

It’s my dream that passengers of an Air Zimbabwe Boeing will not have their plane commandeered to drop off or pick up the First Family on one of their jaunts.

I have a dream that one day Zimbabwe’s premier education establishment, the University of Zimbabwe, will reclaim its status as the number one learning institution in the whole of Africa. That for once, the residents of Mt Pleasant will eat their dinner without having to choke on the pungent smell of teargas.

I have a dream that one day every Dynamos and Highlanders fan will see their favourite team perform without the worry of being squashed, mangled and punched in the crowd.

I have a dream that one day the young and upcoming musicians will learn the meaning of the word “originality” by adopting a Zimbabwean beat and not recycling American beats. I dream that every untalented entertainer (Agrimende Chiyangwa) will step down and let the real talent (Alick Macheso, Oliver Mtukudzi, Mapfumo et al) rise.

I have a dream that for once men and women will sleep in their beds and not outside in long winding queues for bread, meat, water, fuel and maize.

I have a dream that all holders of public office and public-funded institutions will remember their place and treat the public with courtesy and manners, not act as if we all need to bow down to them in worship.

I have a dream that men and women of our troubled nation will regain their trust in the police and armed forces who have perennially terrorised them more than the thugs they are supposed to be protecting them from.

I have a dream that one day in our capital Harare (where my family dwells) the heaps of uncollected garbage and flooded mortuaries at Parirenyatwa Hospital are finally cleared and the capital reclaims its status as the “Sunshine City”.

Let the Herald, ZBC, and the Sunday Mail report that the shortages are mainly because of Mugabe’s mismanagement, not sabotage by ex-Rhodies together with Tony Blair and the MDC.

Let someone convince the balding professor to ditch the nauseating Hondo yeMinda jingle and allow the return of Mukanya’s sizzling beats on radio.

Let Reuben Barwe quit the journalism profession and go into fulltime farming or someone allocate him an office at Rotten Row Zanu PF HQ.

Should all this come to pass, we will be shouting: “Free at last! Thank God Almighty, free at last.”

-Macdonald Chimbizi is a Zimbabwean journalist now based in the United Kingdom.

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