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Why spare the Chinese?

I WITNESSED with disgust the manner in which the police handled people at flea markets and confisticated their wares from Monday to Friday last week, coincidentally at the same time when our “economic revival” plan was being p

resented by Gideon Gono, the Reserve Bank governor.

We are not sure if all the wares were returned to their rightful owners.

My heart bled and continues to bleed seeing commuters from Chitungwiza, for example, being dropped off at the ABC Auction premises to walk for the remainder of the journey into town because police won’t allow commuter omnibuses into the city centre.

What hurts most is that our political establishment has spared the Chinese and allowed them to continue with their businesses.

Remember their shops also look like flea markets — if not worse. And worse still, their products are not durable.

If I could ask: are these Chinese just selling to Zimbabwe and not repatriating anything back home? Assuming they are, is it in Zim dollars, US dollar or yuan?

Do we then have to go for plastic surgery or even change our names to be acceptable?

Please do not turn us, enterprising people, into thieves and prostitutes by denying us a decent livelihood.

This is just too much, we love being who we are!

Sekuru Venyu Mese,


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