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No to Mafia-type MPs

COULD somebody involved with elections clarify the procedures to be followed by a civil servant interested in participating in this year’s parliamentary polls? I am making this request because I am confused.

>A certain chief executive officer of a Masvingo rural council, who I believe is a civil servant, is aspiring to be a member of parliament. He is campaigning and hoping to participate in the forthcoming general election.

Is it not the normal procedure for one interested in elections to resign from his/her job before participating in the polls?

Not only has the man not resigned from his post, he claims that he is on leave yet he is always in his office working as usual. He uses council vehicles for his campaign. Why is this man allowed to use council property for personal commitments? Why are the elected councillors silent about the goings-on at council offices?

A recently employed council engineer is supposedly the acting chief executive officer. The man acting is very inexperienced in his new job. No wonder the growth point under the aspiring member of parliament is very stagnant development-wise.

If Zimbabwe is to win the war against corruption, it has to field clean candidates during general elections. Fielding the likes of this council chief executive officer in the March polls is tantamount to legalising corruption in high office. People aspiring to become the country’s leaders must be vetted and examined thoroughly by their political parties to avoid a government of Mafia-type legislators.

The chief executive officer in question should leave council for the sake of development in his area of jurisdiction and he should stay out of politics if Zanu PF is to have some semblance of cleanliness in the quality of its candidates.



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