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INVESTIGATED: A Chinese restaurant in Moscow is being investigated for butchering stray dogs and selling the meat to diners as lamb, Russian police said on Tuesday.

“A woman reported to the police that sacks containing something alive,

that was moving and whining, were being loaded into the restaurant at night,” a police spokesman said.

“We went to the restaurant to check the meat… and carried out tests,” the spokesman said. “We found it was of poor quality, dangerous for your health, and from an unusual animal — that it was dog meat.” — Reuters.

SCARED: Passengers on a German train mistook a Halloween reveller dressed up as a gore-covered zombie for a murder victim and called the police.

The 24-year-old man fell into a drunken slumber on his way home from a Halloween party in Hamburg, police in the northern town of Bad Segeberg said on Monday.

Believing his hands and face were smeared with blood, passengers alerted police after getting no response from him.

A first aid team called to the scene soon cleared up the confusion. Police told the man to remove his make-up after which he was allowed to continue his journey.

“Bad Segeberg is in a rural area and Halloween isn’t very well known there,” police spokeswoman Silke Tobies said. “So people weren’t expecting anyone to be dressed up in the train.” — Reuters.

ESCAPED: A Belgian inmate made a dramatic escape from jail for the fourth time last Sunday evening after his armed accomplices landed in the prison grounds in a hijacked helicopter, prosecutors said on Monday.

Nordin Benallal, self-styled “escape king” with several convictions for armed robbery and carjacking, has previously run from a prison van, walked out of jail wearing a wig and sunglasses and scaled a prison wall with a rope ladder.

Sunday, Benallal’s accomplices hijacked a helicopter near the prison in Ittre, some 30 km south of Brussels.

On landing, the helicopter was crowded by other prisoners, making takeoff impossible and causing it to crash.

The pilot and a prisoner were slightly injured. Benallal and his cohorts then briefly seized two prison warders as hostages and fled in a car parked nearby. — Reuters.

VANISHED: Swiss police are investigating after a flock of 90 sheep vanished from a remote Alpine pasture — for the second time.

It is the second time in a year that the flock has vanished, leaving no traces of their whereabouts.

After the first time, farmer Silvano Bacciarini, from the Magadino plain in Tessin, had to buy entirely new animals.

A baffled police spokesman admitted: “The only way to the pasture is by a remote track — the sheep were not driven away as there was no foot prints, nor was a lorry driven to the meadow.

“Yet we searched by helicopter and there is no sign of the animals anywhere.” —

GOBBLED: A Californian man ate 103 burgers in just eight minutes to set a new world record.

Officials likened the achievement of Joey Chestnut (23) to Roger Bannister breaking the four minute mile.

He smashed the previous record of 97 burgers to win the Krystal Square Off World Hamburger Eating Championship.

The previous record was held by Japan’s Takeru Kobayashi who won all three previous Krystal Hamburger Eating Championships, but did not compete this year after having a wisdom tooth extracted. —

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