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What shall we be in five years?

WE shall wake up one day and discover that we no longer have all that we used to have.

What shall become of our roads, if we add five more years to your existence in power, Mr Transport minister?

Our roads

have become a jungle over night, infested with potholes all over. This has reduced the lifespan of our motor vehicles, escalating the cost of maintenance and increasing the frequency of servicing the vehicle.

What then shall become of our electricity, if Mr Energy minister you are given another five more years in office? Load shedding and unresolved ever recurring faults, this is the order of the day. It will be a shocking thing to have electricity 24 hours a day.

Where is the spirit of ubuntu? Now that you have managed to buy a generator with our taxes, you don’t see the need of those who have put you there. Why not have pro-active approaches to managing our power?

What then shall become of our drinking water, Mr Water Resources minister, if we throw another five years to your tenure? Our water has been getting dirtier everyday; no remedies have been taken to rectify this.

People are getting sick everyday due to this dirty water you pump into our homes and offices. If you have failed us like this in your stint, what then shall we be in five years time?

What shall become of our money, Mr Governor sir, if we are to continue in this vein in the next five years? Will our money have any significance? Will we be able to trade with other nations?

Can you tell where our health sector will be, if we allow the current Health minister to steer the boat for the next five years? Already we have seen our dear doctors, nurses and health workers taking industrial action, leaving for the diaspora in droves and risking lives of many who are lying on hospital beds. If we can’t do it, let us leave it because we are holding a lot of lives and their blood is upon us.

Our industries are now a pale shadow of what they should be, or should we say what they used to be a few years ago. Who should we pin it on Mr Trade minister?

I have often been told that the first point of failure is when you look for someone to blame in a situation. I am not going to blame anyone. As a voter, I have but myself to blame. I am the culprit.

It is in our hands to make or break this March, who shall we trust with our future?


By e-mail.

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