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ARRESTED: A man accused of calling “911” 15 times in a row because he was tired of waiting for a cab was arrested early Tuesday, police said.


Each time Kevin Lewis Waits called, the emergency dispatcher told the man he had to call a taxi service and that police could not help him, said Waco police officer Steve Anderson.

Police eventually went to the apartment complex and found a cab waiting for Waits, who was also there but did not have the US$26 taxi fee, Anderson said. Waits (25) was trying to get to a house in town, the Waco Tribune-Herald reported in its Tuesday online edition.

Waits, of nearby Hillsboro, was arrested after being taken to the hospital because he told an officer that he had used methamphetamine, Anderson said. Waits remained in custody on Tuesday afternoon awaiting bond on charges of harassment and theft of service, according to the McLennan County Jail. – AP.

IMPOSTER: Greek police have arrested a 49-year-old aluminium fitter for impersonating a police chief while wooing his lover, the semi-state Athens News Agency reported on Monday.

The man regularly visited his girlfriend’s home in the western Athens district of Ilion wearing the uniform to impress her. But the woman’s parents eventually became suspicious and alerted the local police station, who found no trace of his purported major-general on file.

Cases of imposters using police uniforms arise every few months in Greece.

Over the weekend, another man was arrested in the northern Athens suburb of Halandri after impersonating an officer to obtain loans from acquaintances, ANA said. Only a select number of tailors are officially licensed to sell police uniforms in Greece but the system is far from fool-proof, a police source said.

“One could even make a uniform from scratch, though the act is punishable as a misdemeanour,” the source said.

Misdemeanour crimes carry a maximum five-year sentence in Greece. – AFP.

STRIPPED: Protesting pensioners brought traffic to a stand still in Australia’s second largest city when some stripped to demand more money from the government.

The scantily-clad seniors braved the autumn weather in a 150-strong protest against this week’s federal budget, which offered them little despite a US$20 billion dollar surplus.

Most at the “Fair Go for Pensioners” rally at the intersection of two major streets in downtown Melbourne kept their clothes on, but several threw convention to the wind and stripped to their underwear.

As bemused police looked on, a bespectacled man stripped to his briefs and socks, while a couple of lively ladies whipped off their tops and paraded in their bras.

Other women wore hot pink bras over their clothing. – AFP.

MOONLIGHTING: Thailand’s premier and occasional TV chef Samak Sundaravej said he would temporarily stop appearing on two cooking shows after complaints that his culinary moonlighting was unlawful.

Food-loving Samak regularly appears on two local cooking shows, whipping up tasty Thai delights in the kitchen or heading to restaurants and local markets to advise viewers on how to choose quality goods.

But on his weekly television address to the nation, called Talking Samak Style, the colourful prime minister said two unnamed opponents had complained to the Election Commission that he should not be employed by a private company.

“I have discussed with legal experts who said I am not a company employee,” Samak said, adding that he would err on the side of caution – and wait for the commission’s go-ahead before resuming his TV cooking career. – AFP.

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